The Dobie Paisano Fellowship Program is sponsored by the University of Texas and the Texas Institute of Letters. For the past half century, writers who have won a fellowship have been able to follow their creative paths in the solitude of what was once J. Frank Dobie’s ranch getaway.

Photo by Nan Cuba

There are two distinct fellowships: one for September 1 – December 31 with a stipend of $6000 a month (the Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellowship) and one for January 7 – April 30 with a stipend of $4500 a month (the Jesse H. Jones Writing Fellowship). Length of residency may change for maintenance or program needs. The fellowships are available to both fiction and poetry writers and writers of non-fiction. Non-fiction should be written for the general audience.

For information regarding the Fellowships, contact:

Michael Adams, Director
The Dobie Paisano Fellowship Project
The Graduate School 1 University Station
Main Building 101
Austin, Texas 78712 – 0531
Telephone: 512-232-3609
Fax: 512-471-7620
[email protected]

Applicants can submit their application through Submittable: Dobie Paisano Fellowship Program.

Further information about current fellows, recent publications of former fellows, and history of the fellowships and Paisano ranch can also be found at

The Jesse H. Jones Writing Fellowship will be aimed at, though certainly not limited to, writers who are early in their careers and who would benefit from an extended period at the ranch. Demonstration of prior publishing and critical success is not expected, though many applicants will have such a record. Any writer at any level of success (including those with strong publishing records) is eligible for the Jesse H. Jones Fellowship.

Photo by Nan Cuba

The Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellowship is aimed at writers who have already demonstrated some publishing and critical success. This may or may not be writers a little later along in their literary careers. The definition of “publishing and critical success” will be determined by the judges each year, but, in general, we would expect at least one critically well-received book, or an impressive list of published essays, articles, poems, stories. etc. The decision of the judges will be based on the quality of the writer’s past work and the potential for future excellence. Of course, the writer’s suitability for ranch life is always taken into account. We will be asking this writer to give a reading or talk at The University of Texas at Austin during the residency. There will be separate judging panels for each award. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Michael Adams, Director of the Dobie Paisano Program.

Applicants may apply for both awards.

The application fee for each award is $20. If you are applying for both the Jesse H. Jones and the Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellowship, the fee will be $30. If applying for both awards, check the appropriate box at the top of the Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellowship application page, and include only one check with the Ralph A. Johnston Fellowship materials. Each application and its accompanying materials must be mailed in separate packets. There will be different judges for each fellowship.

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